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12th August 1916 to the 16th March 1917
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12th August 1916
Still spelling. Everything as it should be even the weather is behaving itself.

13th August 1916
Sunday again. Still spelling. Beginning to get fit again.

14th August 1916
Out for exercise most of the day. Rumours afloat that we return to the Firing Line tomorrow. Hope so. Too quiet out here. Have got so used to the noise by now that whenever we get to a quiet spot you've got an idea that the earth is ceasing to revolve, and the sun's going out.

15th August 1916
Marching orders to hand. Left St Seger at 10 am this morning. Arrived at Val de Maison at 2.20. 'Fed' in the rain. On the move again at 5, arrived here Vadencourt Wood at 7.30. Raining like old Nick.

16th August 1916
Orders to go into the Firing Line. Left Vadencourt Wood at 8am and accompanied the major to our position. Took over the guns and position of the 12th Bty at 1 pm. Received by the Huns with great gusto. Sent over several salvos of 4 H.I to herald our arrival. Annoyed by 77s all night.

17th August 1916
Things pretty damp this morning. At barrage work all night. This morning happened to see one of the finest sights I've yet seen since we started playing war. An anti-aircraft gun brought down a Taube from a great height. Saw the whole show through the glasses. The shell exploded right under the tail, and set the body on fire and he came down beautifully on his planes alone until within 1000 feet of the ground when he turned a "sevener" and landed in our lines, adjacent to the Bty.

28th August 1916
Gee wizz, in clover again. Hope D.A. will forget all about us for a few days. Got a beautiful billet. The ladies of the house can't do enough for me although they start trying at 6.30 am and finish at 9.30 pm. Got a double bed and a bonny room, and living like a king generally. Went for a ride tonight. Am getting my hearing back gradually.

29th August 1916
Raining like blazes Major Faulkner left to review our next "posy". My luck was in for once the Major thinking that I needed a spell so took him up on it. Glorious billet. Here they do look after me. Went out to see Goldfinch tonight. Got soaked through coming home. Mail arrived. Caught a few. Morris came round this morning and shafted the plan.

30th August 1916
Still raining and mud up to your knees. Have been wet through 3 times today, and the ladies of the house are trying all they know how to spoil me and keep me in dry clothes. (If they leave me here for a week I will gladly go through another 20 days at Pozieres.

31st August 1916
Rode into Armentieres (Ypres way) for Pay. Great ride. This afternoon rode into Bailleul. Had dinner there.

1st September 1916
Marching orders to hand. Left Godewaersvelde at 1 pm and arrived at Reninghelst at 4. Awfully sorry to leave the billet back at Godewaersvelde. The people were really great. This place is like the proverbial pig sty, mud and slush everywhere. And not a billet, what's more it's raining like blazes. Expected to go up to the Bty tonight, but orders came round 10 minutes before we were timed to leave to cancel our going. Expect to get up tomorrow night.

2nd September 1916
Decent day today. Went to 27th Bty A W.L. and handed over 4 guns. Rode into Poperinge later on. Got back to W.L. at 6 pm. Orders to hand to take my section into action tonight. Rode up to rendezvous and "embarked" on a G.S Waggon and was driven up to the Position. On the way we came through Ypres. Saw what's left of the Cloth Hall and Cathedral. Both looking very pretty after their sundry bombardments. Ypres is blown to blazes generally. Must have been quite a decent city once upon a time. Our guide lost himself completely so had to engineer my way out by map. Got within half a mile of the Battery when we got a gas alarm signalled, but it missed us. Damn these Stun machine guns.

The town of Godewaersvelde

3rd September 1916
3 Gas clouds last night but just missed us. Could see them quite plainly. Busy getting the hang of things today. Find that we are in the Ypres Salient (noted for gas, 15 inch Hows, and machine guns). Just about 1600 yds from our friends. Nothing much doing at present. Got a bonny dug-out all to myself.

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