was born in Armagh Ireland about 1792. The spelling of the surname became KIVELL*. Andrew married Sara/Sarah FLOOD who was born about 1796. I can only guess that they left Ireland for Canada shortly after their marriage which was about 1821. Data obtained from the Archivist of the Diocese of Saint John, New Brunswick Canada in 1994 by the late Gary Kivell of Hawera includes the following: 1851 census. On it Andrew Kivell is described as aged 60, Irish, Husband, Labourer. Beside his name is an asterisk and below the completed census entry is the asterisk, and an entry which says "insane at times."
The letter from the Archivist was dated 5 January 1994. This was after the death of Gary Kivell. I presume that he had written to the Archivist a short time before his death in September 1993.
1851 Census, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada
KIVELL Page 63
*Andrew 60 Irish Husband Labourer 1823 (probable year of immigration)
Sarah 55 Irish Wife    
John 22 NB Son Mariner  
Mary 20 NB Daughter    
Elisabeth 18 NB Daughter    
Patrick 16 NB Son    
Edward 12 NB Son    
James 10 NB Son    
Mary 25 Irish Daughter-in-law   1846
Sarah 8 NB Daughter    
*Insane at times          
(Sarah aged 8 may be the daughter of Mary, widow of William Kivell, born before her marriage)
There seems to be a variation in the ages or dates of birth of some family members in some of the records.
I have names of eight children born to them. The eldest William, married Mary BATTENBURY/BARTERSLEY/BATTHERSBERRY (born about 1825) on 14 October 1847. Some information I obtained said William and Mary had a daughter but a census entry of 1851 has no children listed to them. According to an unknown source William died aboard the vessel LACONIC as a result of a fire. He was a second mate on the vessel, which was travelling from New Orleans to St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Date of death is recorded as June 1850 aged 29 years. He was born in County Armagh Ireland about 1821.
At the time of the 1851 census Mary the wife of William, was living in the household of Andrew and Sara Kivell. William was deceased.
Other children:
John born 1826
Mary born 1831
Elizabeth born 1833 (another entry has 1829) married William Sharkey 7 September 1851 at St Andrews.
Patrick born 20 June 1832
Sarah born 15 July 1834
Edward born 1839 (another entry has 1827) He went to USA.
James baptised 2 October 1842
In the "St. Andrews Standard" newspaper of 3 July 1850 there is the following obituary: "On his passage from New Orleans to this port on board the barque "Laconic", Mr. William Kivell, 2nd Mate of that vessel, aged 27, leaving a wife and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his death."
Another obituary that appeared on 9 January 1867 as follows: "On 4th inst. Mr. Andrew Kivell in his 74th year of age, a native of County Armagh, Ireland, and for the last 45 years a resident of this place."