was born in 1826 in New Brunswick, Canada. He was a seaman and worked on numerous vessels. It is not known just when he arrived in New Zealand or on which ship. It was some time between 1852 and 1855. On 31 December, 1855 he married Mary Jane OLD at New Plymouth, daughter of Jane OLD. Mary was born in 1840 in England and together with her mother and grandparents and their family, arrived in New Plymouth aboard the "Essex" in January 1843. Jane was the daughter of Richard and Jane OLD. Mary's mother Jane married Walter BAILEY shortly after her arrival in New Zealand. She died in childbirth in 1852 after complications received in an injury while she was getting water from a well. Two of Mary and John's children were given the second name of BAILEY. It is not known who the father of Mary Jane Old was.
Another pioneering family was the WILLS family. They arrived aboard the "Timandra" in February of 1842 Mary's uncle, Robert OLD later married Maria WILLS daughter of James and Betsy WILLS.
John and Mary had a large family of eleven sons and four daughters. John worked as a farm labourer, baker and painter and had also served on a jury.

The following details are from photocopies of some of John Kivell's records.

Number of Register Ticket: 101, 006
Present Age: 24 years
Port of Liverpool 27 March 1850
When and where born: Saint Andrews New Brunswick 7 September 1926
Vessels' Name Capacity Trade Date of Service
Brig Volant Ord Seaman West Indies 1842 to October 1842
Brig Minerva? Ord Seaman West Indies December 1842 to June 1843
Princess Royal? Ord Seaman European August 1843 to January 1844
Brunswick Able Seaman European February 1844 to October 1846
Loodianna? Able Seaman European July 1847 to December 1847
Sea Bird Able Seaman European April 1848 to November 1848
Eldorado 2nd Mate European 27 December 1848 to May 1850
Cornelia 2nd Mate European July 1850 to October 1850
Sea King 2nd Mate New Orleans October 1850 to March 1851
A Certificate of Discharge was given on 4 February 1848 for the "Sea Bird". Period of service was from 9 November (this would be 1847) to the 4th day of November 1848 at Hull. Previous ship has details of him serving until December 1847. (Possible error of date)
Certificate of Discharge
Name of Ship: St Helena
Port of Registry: Liverpool
Burden: 868
Description of Voyage: St Andrews NB to Liverpool
Name of Seaman: John Kivel
No. of Register Ticket : 101006
Capacity: Second Mate
Date of Entry: 14 Sept 1852
Date of Discharge: 14 Oct 1852
Place of Discharge: Liverpool
Dated this 20th Day of October 1852
Conduct: G
Ability: G
A reference was given for his service aboard the "Mary Caroline". Year unknown.
Because there was a large family of Kivells I did not attempt to write about the siblings of my grandfather Charles Ernest. The names of the children of Mary Jane OLD and John KIVELL are as follows:
William John b 18 June 1857 d 28 Feb 1861
Edward b 21 May 1959 d 28 March 1883
James Andrew b 9 Nov 1861 d 22 July 1925
Reuben Henry b 15 April 1863 d 9 Sept 1927
Sarah Jane b 24 January 1865 d 21 April 1930
Elizabeth b 29 September 1866 d October 6 1910
William John b 15 August 1868 d 14 January 1888
Alfred Bailey b 13 August d 9 November 1945
Walter Bailey b 28 November 1872 d 22 March 1945
Louis b 9 May 1874 d 2 November 1899
Mary Ellen b 18 April 1876 d 28 October 1946
Margaret b 8 August 1877
Charles Ernest b 5 April 1879 d 18 August 1919
Percival Albert b 19 February 1881 d 13 September 1953
Thomas b 20 October 1882
Obituary from The Hawera and Normanby Star - Monday 16 August 16, 1886
We (Daily News) are sorry to announce the death of Mr John KIVELL, who succumbed on Sunday evening, after a protracted illness. Mr Kivell was an old and respected settler, of a most genial disposition.
He was father of Mr Henry Kivell, of Hawera, and Mr J Kivell, telegraphist.
The following data was obtained from Taranaki Government Gazettes 1868, 1870, 1872 1873, 1874
Registered Brands
No. 106 John Kivell New Plymouth JK Year 1868
Supplemental List of Permits to whom the Commissioners appointed under "The New Plymouth Exchanges Commission Amendment Act" have granted certificates
Name - John Kivell, New Plymouth, Taranaki Farmer Section 1,133, 1,592 Year 1870
John Kivell Claim no. 1438 Entitled to a Grant of Town Allotment No. 1,133 Town of New Plymouth. Year 1872. Granted 1874.
Year 1873 John Kivell -Length of service 1 year - Remarks, Boats 1860
Crown Lands Office. New Plymouth 9th December 1874
The Deeds of Grant below specified having been duly executed are now ready for registration and delivery, on the following conditions -
The Grantee, or his properly authorised representative, must in the first place, make application to the Commissioner of Crown Lands for the delivery of the Grant, and pay the fee of One Pound for the Crown Grants together with acreage at the rate of one farthing per acre on every acre granted beyond 100 acres and registration fees.
The Grant will then be forwarded to the Registrar of Deeds, and the applicant will be furnished with a written authority to receive it from that officer after Registration.
NB - A fee of sixpence per month will be charged on all Grants remaining in the Crown Lands Office after three months from date of publication in the Provincial Government Gazette.
Commissioner of Crown Lands