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1st June 1915
Went for a stroll to the beach today. Usual happenings. I really think that the whole Turkish artillery want for me to get out in the open and then amuse themselves by raining every available gun on me. Got into a dust up this afternoon. Believe there is going to be an attack along our whole front by our friends. We're ready for them. Any quantity of ammunition ready now. Saw Majestic today in an awful mess.

A Turkish sniper, disguised as a bush, captured by Anzacs (GW)

2nd June 1915
The heaviest bombardment our friends have ladled out to us. Haven't they been having a time. Just rec. some high explosive for our next bombardment. Gnr Gibbs killed tonight. Saw Chas tonight, still alive and kicking.

3rd June 1915
Buried Gnr Gibbs this morning beside 'Kingy'. Extremely interesting to know that we have 3 woman snipers now. They are down in the base quartered in a wire cage arrangement similar to what they put tigers in at the zoo. Swim this afternoon, our Asiatic friends couldn't leave us alone again and peppered us with 16 inch Howitzers, several fell in the water near us, while one landed 30 yards away while we were dressing. They can't possibly let us alone. Lt Clowes and Gnr Tanner returned today Clowes wounded in the head, Brown lost one arm.

4th June 1915
Have just got the order for the big fight. The heavy batteries in the rear are letting loose like mad with 6 inch lyddite which is tearing things up a bit in the enemies first line trenches. From the Asiatic side our friends are returning the fire with their big Howitzers. We're all ready to open fire. - 6:30 following morning. Gee, what a day we had. Woke up with a head closely resembling the feeling of "the morning after the night before". We were in action from 5 past 11 till 8:15 and only had 15 mins spell during the whole time. Our gun fired 247 rounds. The whole battery about 900. About 2 pm, Gibson got shot through the head. This was in the heat of the fight while the Turks were bringing up reinforcements. Took charge of the gun and kept firing for 3 hours until Norman came up from the waggon line. The losses up on the left are pretty stiff. Our boys got them on the run, while we peppered them with shrapnel which wrought awful havoc. Our gun got almost red hot. Couldn't touch it unless you got blistered. Unfortunately I touched it. Was walking along the trench during the spell when a shell burst just in front and got a scratch on the left temple. Knocked me a bit silly, but didn't hurt much. Another 4.5 lobbed 3ft away from our muzzle and burst. Blew a portion of our pit away, but nobody hurt.

5th June 1915
10 am. Just fired 14 rounds to let our friends know we're still alive, also to give them a further taste of cast steel and cordite. Believe we are starting the circus again at 12. Hope so.

6th June 1915
9 am. Another good old go yesterday. Mechinson, Shepherd, Moore, Archer and Lee casualties. Their heavy guns plated havoc amongst our troops. Firing on and off all night. Rec. a paper from C.A. Some of our boys rec. boxes of sweets etc. while Rowlings (Motueka) rec. a xmas cake while someone else had a bottle of wine. GREAT FEAST. Very rowdy morning. Got action before breakfast and kept a warm fire for an hour. Immediately afterwards got to it hot and strong. Our gun was detailed to keep reinforcements from getting to the firing line, via a small nullah. And it did. We just waited for them to come over the far crest and they got it. We had them on toast alright. Couldn't advance or retreat and our guns cut off flanking movements by spraying each side with shrapnel. The only thing for them to do was to take cover in a bit of light scrub which they did and we got on to that scrub and searched every inch of it for 2 solid hours. I've just been to the observation station and had a look at it with the glasses. Not a man came out of it alive. The ground is packed thickly with them. Our Colonel, Major and a few more odds and ends performed the tango with great gusto. I am as deaf as a mule in the right ear and both hands burnt a bit. We're having another go in a few minutes. Our Asiatic friends are paying particular "H" just now, with their big mobile siege guns, one shell has landed 100 away, can't see anything for smoke. Shook the ground like an earthquake. Gnr Sanderson badly wounded. Fighting all night.

7th June 1915
Very hot day. Quiet for us. This morning we find that our friends have brought up new heavy guns. Haven't found out what size shell they fire as yet but it must be easily 9 or 10 inch. They are charged with some new explosive and burnt with an awfully spiteful crack and throw fragments easily 300yds. One has just come over and landed in front of the 3rd Bty. Several chaps have been blown out. The funny part about this shell is that it just "strolls" through the air just like the hum of an aeroplane motor, but the burst is terrific and the concussion can be felt of a mile away. Must be a successor to A.A. that was blown up some time back. One has just struck on the road and out of 30 men, 27 are down. Another has just lobbed in a HOSPITAL.

8th June 1915
Practically no sleep last night. We are supporting the Naval Div. in an attack on the left flank. We started at 7 pm and knocked off at 3:30 am. Had the satisfaction of learning by phone that we got the position and still holding it. Slept nearly all afternoon. This evening an aeroplane observed the gun which was firing the big shells, and our chaps got onto it with their heavy siege guns. The first shell lobbed right onto it's emplacement but to make sure 9 more followed. It turned out to be a Jack Johnson, but haven't heard it since the pounding. 2 more of our horses hit today, 1 shell went right through one and burst in the second. Have only found its head and 1 fore leg up till the present.

9th June 1915
Our friends woke up again very early this morning. Must have some liver complaint. They have brought another big gun up on the Asiatic side. This one is a 13.5 siege gun firing armour piercing shells. A battleship has just gone over to inquire into things, blazing away from every starboard gun. A big howitzer shell from Ache Baba ricocheted from somewhere handy and lobbed about 12ft away while we were having tea. Fortunately it failed to explode, otherwise it would have been a perfect lesson in aviation for some of us. We went for a swim this afternoon, but they couldn't leave us alone again, one burst right over us and blew out two Frenchmen.

10th June 1915
Our friends started this morning (their innings) again at 4 am and they've been giving our position extra "H" ever since. They've got about three J.J.s stowed away somewhere and they're all firing at once. When these shells explode they send great clouds of earth easily 80ft in the air and dim the sun with their smoke. At 11 am they reached their limit. Was sitting around having a quiet smoke and a chat when those unnatural beggars from Asia lobbed a 5 inch howitzer into my dug-out about 8yds away. Had nick-named my dug-out 'The Cherubs Lounge'. Can only change the name to the 'Devils Retreat' or Hell as it is.. (Later).. Got to work and cleaned away the debris, and made another not so comfy as the first though. The fuse of this shell, after going through 7ft of solid earth, stopped in one of my blankets. Been pestered with flies all day. Bigger nuisance than the Turks. Opened fire at night.

11th June 1915
Fairly quiet day today. More British troops arrived this morning. Believe there are 60,000 on the way somewhere or other. Took the glasses and went for a stroll in the afternoon. Had a good look at our positions gained recently. We've only three more trenches to take on the left, then we've got the top of the ridge, but the hill is less formidable. Was told yesterday that it cost Greece 40,000 men in an unsuccessful attempt to take Ache Baba. Couldn't go for a dip today, our friends from Asia wanted the beach. Heavy fighting all along the infantry front.

12th June 1915
Heavy artillery duels the order of the day. Our Asiatic friends blew up a French 6 inch this morning Can only find a piece of a wheel and a bit of twisted steel off the beach. They couldn't be quiet if they tried. Sent us over 8 6 inch armour piercing shells tonight. Got stuck into the enemies infantry tonight.

13th June 1915
Evidently our friends located us by our flashes last night and have detailed a 6 inch gun to blow us to Australia - perhaps, anyhow from 5:30 til 8 am this morning they've been giving us particular "H", one landed 30yds from 'D' gun and dug a hole 10ft deep and 12 across, but the most remarkable prank played, I think was one of the same breed striking the road in front of our gun entering the ground, travelling 15ft underground coming out again and going for a further 25yds, stopping exactly 7ft in front of the gun, without exploding. Had it done so, 'B' sub would have been hanging on the moon by now. The only one to miss exploding out of 10. Later all day long we have been paid special attention by this gun and its associates. A 4.7 and 7.5 "H". No damage done however, only knocked the landscape about a bit.

14th June 1915
What a day we've had. The first man who tells me about 'Generous Asia' I'll shoot. All last night they peppered us making an awful mess of things. I'd like to get hold of the gun-layer on that 6 inch for the space of 5 minutes. Wouldn't care what happened after that. I do love that man. They've pestered us all day and towards evening their field gun took it up but we quickly shut them up, but those big brutes are out of our range. Wanted to go for a dip but couldn't. Only wish Lizzie would put in an appearance.

15th June 1915
They're still going on with the game. Was in my dug-out all morning. Sgt Bradwell has come up to relieve Norman. Sgt Gurd wounded. This evening between 6 and 7 the 4 inch battery that blew 'C' gun up, started on us again. Ron Fillstead wounded.

16th June 1915
Heavy shelling all day. Evidently they intend blowing this battery off this planet if it takes all their ammunition to do it. At one time we had three batteries at us, but we're still here. Our Asiatic friends busy too. Located our aerodrome and started pestering it severely, so much so, that all the planes have to go up. Going some all night.

17th June 1915
Very hot day. Asia still going strong, our 7.5 engaging them. 3 large troopships at the base with some Scottish troops. Can't get down to the beach these days, Asia wants it too badly, so have turned the course of a creek and made a ripping bath in front of the gun. Battleship in action at night.

18th June 1915
Woke up this morning by a 4.7 throwing dirt all over us. Awfully pleasant, believe me. Awfully hot. This evening the Navy came up and had a word or two with Asia, sent a dozen 12 inch over. Hope they got some of our friends, particularly that howitzer. Heavy fighting all night.

19th June 1915
Shell fire again proves a good alarm clock, although it went off too early for this child this morning. Tried to get some more sleep, but our friends said NO, so that settles it I suppose. Norman and I went for a ramble to see Chas this morning. Had a good screw around, and went up to our old observing station which our Major had to evacuate because things got too hot there. Got back at noon, and received orders to go up to the 1st line infantry trenches as 2nd Artillery Observing Officer, so scrambled up here, after working out my way up by Algebra. Reported myself, and got a new wire run out for the phone, old one was broken by shrapnel, and then did some sniping. Great fun. Believe I'm here for 48 hours.

20th June 1915
This life suits me splendidly. Having the time of my life up here. Only 30yds separates our 'loved' ones and ourselves in one part of the trench, 450yds the greatest distance. Great sport sniping. They're nuts on periscopes though.

21st June 1915
Up at 3:30 this morning repairing telephone wires. Observing all day. French made a big attack on the right. Captured 3 lines of trenches, and a redoubt. Left the trench at 6:30. Got a machine gun enfilading us. Got down to the Bty. had a good feed and bath and feel O.K. Mail arrived last night, none from home. Cpl Evans and Lewis wounded.

22nd June 1915
Woke up very late this morning. Anyhow was in time to see 2 points as the Taube eventually made for home. Unfortunately our Biplane never had enough pace to overtake it. Asia didn't 'Want' the beach today, so went and had a swim. Think that the big 10 inch is silenced. Haven't heard from him in 3 days now. Sing song.

23rd June 1915
Still hot. Got a surprise. Told I could have a few days down at the waggon line as there won't be much doing for a while. Got down here at 11:30. Camping with Challen. Living like a king.

24th June 1915
Very hot day. Enjoying my spell immensely. Went down at 5:30 for a swim. They irritated us again with a 15 pounder Bty. Got Frenchmen and a couple of horses. At dinner today we had a visit from a 6ft snake. Crawled between Challen and myself and into the bushes at the back of the 'Table' before we could get a shot at it.

25th June 1915
Having a great time although it's awfully hot and the flies pest the life out of you. More mail today, mine nonest. Can't make it out. Beano tonight.

26th June 1915
Wakened by a bomb dropped by a Taube, made an awful mess of a few trees etc. but as usual never done anybody any harm. Also dropped a circular telling us that we have been misled by England and they've had no personal grievance against us. Also that our Navy had deserted us, and further fighting was simply signing our own death warrants, so the only thing to do was surrender. Like to get hold of the chap who edited that. Very hot day almost as hot as the circular. Our answer will be sent over to our friends within the next 2 or 3 days for there's going to be 'H' let loose shortly.

German Taube reconnaissance plane

27th June 1915
Was having a very peaceful sleep this morning after breakfast when I got orders to return to the Battery for another bombardment. Would have liked to have stayed here a day or two longer, but you don't catch this child missing a bit of fun. Had the chance of a commission in Kitcheners Army in England, but don't think I'll go for it. Would sooner remain where I am. Got back to the Battery at 11:30 am. Am smarting all over from sunburn, and our aeroplanes went on a raid tonight. Great sight to see them all up.

28th June 1915
9 am. Have just got orders for the fight starting at 10:30. Up at 4 am this morning and registered another target. All ready to start the picnic. Oh! Oh! Delphine, what a day we've had. For the last 12 hrs we've been at it with vengeance. Our chaps captured 7 lines of trenches, 14 machine guns, 1 Battery, and 500 prisoners. Half an hour after the fun started, you couldn't see anything for dust, flames and smoke. Oh! and didn't they paste us, one of our Batteries had 3 guns blown up. Can put that down to Asia. We are preparing for another big scrap during the next 2 or 3 days. Chas Way wounded tonight.

29th June 1915
Gee, what a day for heat. Had a quiet day as regards scrapping but Asia hasn't. For the last 5 hrs, 6 of their guns have been searching this gully of ours, but so far haven't succeeded in blowing us out, although one landed about an hour ago, which covered us in mud and smoke. Expecting a big counter-attack tonight. Aeroplane reports enemy massing north of Krithia. They don't know what they're in for. A Taube came over this morning and dropped 4 bombs but did no damage as far as we know, made an awful mess though. Got a touch of that infernal fever again. Dosing myself with enough quinine to kill a elephant.

30th June 1915
Bit cooler today. Pyemont and Ron Anderson returned from hospital today. Pyemont only here for half an hour when he was shot in the left arm, so has gone back to hospital again. Mr Olding also returned. Has quite recovered from his knock. Captured two lines of trenches. In the afternoon the Swiftshure came up and livened up Asia because all last night they kept up fire from 4 guns firing every half hour. She poured in about 100 rounds. Made an awful mess of things but don't know what damage she did.

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