THE FIRE BRIGADE, Stratford, is a well-organised and smart body of men, of whom Mr R.H Kivell is officer in command.

Mr R.H. KIVELL, Captain of the Stratford Volunteer Fire Brigade, is a son of the late Mr J. Kivell, a well-known Colonist and was born and educated in New Plymouth. He was brought up to farming and was for some time with Mr. H. R. Hulke, of Bell Block. Afterwards he learnt his trade as a saddler under Mr. Cunningham, with whom he remained four years and later was in the employ of Mr. Henderson, of Hawera. Returning to New Plymouth in 1889 he worked for Mr Harris Ford and opened the Stratford branch of his business some three years later, of which he has since continued in charge. Mr. Kivell has always taken an active part in all matters connected with fire brigades and has filled his present position for several years, doing much to place the brigade in its existing flourishing condition. He has been a prominent athlete and represented the district in the football field against England in 1886, and holds the position of handicapper for the Taranaki District for athletic sports. As a member of the Foresters, Mr. Kivell has held office as P.D.C.R., and was instrumental in forming Court Egmont in Hawera. He has been secretary to the local lodge for the past four years.

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by Flora Chisnall